Picture of WindowDancer

   The WindowDancer   has always been with The Academy of Ballet Arts.

Artist David Anderson (DA) originally created her in a storefront window in St. Petersburg, Florida and presented her as a personal gift to Academy Founder Lester Jacobsen during The Academy's Grand Opening in 1969.   Years later, when the studio moved to a newer location on First Avenue South near 66th street in St. Petersburg, it was not possible for The WindowDancer to come with us.   You see, our original location had two very large Picture Frame, Plate Glass windows like the ones that you can find on many storefronts, and The WindowDancer graced most of one of those windows.   The second location, however, had a number of smaller windows that were each constructed with yet smaller panes of glass separated by a crosshatch of fancy wood strips.

Very pretty windows, but way too small for The WindowDancer  —  even if you used all of the visible glass.

The WindowDancer's image, however, has adorned The Academy's stationary, pamphlets, brochures and posters ever since her first performance at our original location. During the 90's when we created our first website, The WindowDancer once again had a place of honor - on the website's main page.   All of The Academy's websites have been redesigned many times since, but The WindowDancer has always been there overlooking everything.

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As a beautiful lady now approaching middle age, she demonstrates quite well one of Dance's hidden secrets:
        Dancing keeps you young!     (and slim and trim and...)

Now, in 2009, she once again has a major job to perform, for it is her image that will direct you to some of the hidden gems on The Academy's networking web site...

Here, on this site, you will be able to find   downloadable forms,   Class Schedules,   Yearly Calendars,   Summer Intensive Materials and their registration forms.   Eventually you will also be able to find interactive Web applications that will allow you to update your Student & Family Profile information;   Maintain your Emergency Contact list;   Register for new classes; or provide notification that you need to drop or change classes.   You will even have the ability to send private messages to the Instructors,   the Artistic Director,   the Board of Trustees, or even to   (gasp)   the Billing Group.

We will also be providing ways to sign up for a number of different Email lists - such as a planned one to provide timely information about specfic rehearsals.   (and yes, The WindowDancer  insisted that you also have a way to remove yourself from any of these lists...)

So Stay tuned, and watch for messages from   The WindowDancer.


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