Academy of Ballet Arts, Inc
Financial Policy Summary

  1. YOUR PLACE IN A CLASS IS RESERVED FOR JUST YOU!!   This is why all tuition is paid in advance — a bill is not required!   When you first join us, the first month's tuition can be prorated if there are three or less class days remaining in the month.   Regular monthly tuition is then due.
    A student is considered enrolled in a class until The Academy is notified in writing that the student will not be returning, because only then can that spot be given to someone on the waiting list.   Remember, tuition for the last month is not prorated.   If you need to withdraw from a class, notify the teacher or the Artistic Director and email your intention to

  2. ATTENDANCE POLICY.   During the Academic school year (September to June), tuition is not reduced to reflect missed classes.   Parents should notify The Academy if their child is going to be absent so that a make up schedule can be agreed upon within the same month.   Students who miss class regularly will be moved into a lower class level in order to maintain the integrity of each class's curriculum.   During the summer months (July/August), this policy can be relaxed somewhat.   A student's normal tuition can be adjusted for planned vacations during the summer sessions if the Academy is notified in advance and in writing when a vacation will occur.   If a student is enrolled in evening classes while attending a daytime Summer Intensive session, your account will be automatically credited for the student's overlapping evening class tuition.

  3. MAKE-UP CLASS POLICY   As stated on the Registration form, “Absences may be made up only during the month in which the classes were missed and only in the classes designated by the Teacher.   No adjustments in monthly tuition will be made for missed classes due to illness, work schedules, vacations or holidays.” Students are encouraged to make-up all missed classes as quickly as possible.

  4. INJURED LIST   If a student is under a Doctors care for an injury and is unable to attend class, tuition can be waived during their healing period if they are placed on our “injured list”.   Contact the Billing Group or teacher for more details.

  5. SPECIAL EVENTS AND HOW REHEARSALS AFFECT THE NORMAL CLASS SCHEDULE   Normal monthly tuition is due regardless of rehearsal schedules or holidays.   Performances like the Nutcracker (and the required rehearsals);   Holidays like Thanksgiving Week and Winter Break can affect a student's scheduled classes just as the “5 week” months do!   Monthly tuition charges factor in both extra classes during the 5-week months and the fewer classes offered in November and December and average them out across a full year.   The full monthly tuition is owed for any month in which a student participates in any class or Academy function.

  6. NOTIFICATION OF AN OVERCHARGE ERROR OR AN ERROR IN CLASS LISTINGS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 60 DAYS OF THE FIRST OCCURANCE.   Every effort is made to ensure each statement is accurate.   The information provided by both you and the Academy is used by the Billing Group to generate your account statement.   If you think your statement is wrong, or you need more information about a transaction or class listed on your statement, telephone the number listed on the first page of your statement (just under the mailing label box) or preferably, email the billing group at   The Academy uses an automatic computerized system for emails sent to the Billing address so that all emails are (1) time and date stamped when received, (2) are logged in a permanent database for follow-up actions and (3) an acknowledgment email is sent back to you confirming receipt of your request.

    Errors can happen.   For overcharges, we must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent you the first statement on which the error or problem appeared.   You can telephone us, but email is preferred because it provides both parties with written documentation.   You do not have to pay any amount in question while we are investigating, but you are still obligated to pay the parts of your bill that are not in question.

    Remember, if you have questions, please include the following 4 pieces of information:
    (1) Your name and Account Number.   (2) The Student's name and ID number (if appropriate).   (3) The Statement Month and Statement Print date. (found in the summary box at the top right of the statement.).   (4) Describe the error and explain, if you can, why you believe there is an error or if you need more information, describe the item you are unsure about.

  7. CLASS SUMMARIES ARE IMPORTANT AND SHOULD ALWAYS BE ACCURATE!!   Most classes at The Academy have minimum and maximum class sizes that were set by the Artistic Director to maintain professional standards.   Any student registered in a class is guaranteed a reserved seat even if the student is temporarily unable to attend.   The Academy's billing system uses class registration information along with the starting and ending class dates to calculate charges, prorates, discounts, and refunds.   Class registration information is used to prepare class rosters to track attendance, to contact students about changed schedules, canceled classes, special rehearsal schedules or other information of interest to an entire class.   When students are transferred to a new class level, their previous teacher only knows that they will be taking a different set of classes.   Since many classes at The Academy are taught in multiple sessions, it is not always possible for a teacher to guess which sessions a student will be attending – especially when many students are also active in other after school activities such as sports.   PARENTS must provide an accurate class summary!   Please review this information periodically for accuracy, and notify the billing department if any errors are discovered.